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Education is an investment. This axiom has been widely held for centuries across the world, and no one has denied it. Time, knowledge, money, policy, technology, even luxury, are tremendously spent to make education ‘worthwhile’ and ‘effective’ in terms of transforming humans into ‘sophisticated’, ‘skillful’ and ‘professional’ ones.ADVERTISING

The question is ‘How much do we need to invest to acquire such great competence and apply it in the future, or say, for life?’ For those who are HNW or UHNW investors in the competitive, hectic and disruptive world, you know well that there is no time to contemplate the inquiry for too long, and anyelite ‘Edu-Investment’ must be done right now.

Why Luxury Academy?

Whatever 21st Century skills are: 4Cs (Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication), MIT (Information Literacy, Media Literacy, Technology Literacy) and FLIPS (Flexibility, Leadership, Initiative, Productivity, Social skills), we dare to say that we have got them all. 

Our long years of experiences as a pro in Luxury Lifestyle and High Net Worth Online Community, Luxury Academy is now launched to offer exclusive Up-skills, Re-skills or New-skills through premium training courses for high-end customers who want to remain as classy as cultivated. As ‘Luxury Skills’ cannot be merely learned anywhere, plus there is no time to lose, short courses in short time worth money instructed by the real pros must have answered the question.

What We Offer? Luxury Master Class

Growing in a rich family does not guarantee that a person will grow up with social skills. Good taste in design, fine dining, aesthetic sense, stylish wellness, elegant language or Space-Q (Social, Positive, Adversity, Creative, Emotional Quotient) Intelligence may take an individual’s lifetime to complete and, of course, a lot of fortune to spend. This has not included how to train someone to be a Genius Alpha, a Millennial’s Professional, a CEO & Business Owner or a Lifestyle Master. In this respect, the goal for us is to provide ‘unique’, ‘profitable’ beyond ‘breakeven’ courses for all generations.

How ‘Luxury’ Blended into Education?

So long as men can taste to make the life divine, So long lives this, and this gives luxury to humankind.’

To survive as a ‘sane’ and ‘ritzy’ person in the Disruptive Era and the COVID-19 Pandemic, extravagance may not be enough anymore. HNW or UHNW people and their descendants need to be equipped with ‘world-class’ knowledge and ‘exclusive’ intelligence to keep their status on the highest rank to manage invaluable assets. As such, a ‘well-rounded’ and ‘well-experienced’ coach is required to accomplish that ultimate goal. If you do not know where to start, let’s begin with us, Luxury Academy, and you will never find the word ‘disappointment’ in your dictionary.

To Be ‘Classy’, You Need to Be ‘Brainy’

Have you ever pondered why the greeting in a ceremonial event always starts with ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ not ‘Gentlemen and Ladies’? Or have you ever probed the difference of the words: ‘lady’ and ‘woman’? In the world of language, there is a certain answer for those questions in terms of discourse. In the world of luxury, the answer lies on how ‘smart’ you are to be called ‘a lady.’

Isn’t ‘beautiful’ and ‘wealthy’ enough?

If you would like to enter a luxurious life, the answer is ‘no.’ This norm has been held since ancient times. In the Forbidden City of China, women were carefully sequestered before providing services in the court. The Jin Dynasty (265-420 AD) called those women xiunu or elegant females. To enter imperial quarters in the reign of Qing Dynasty, girls needed to go through the ‘training’ where they were involved with forms of acceptable manners, lessons of how to speak, gesture and walk, including studies of arts such as painting, reading, writing, chess and dancing. Giving renowned names from Cleopatra VII – Queen of Ancient Egypt, Victoria – Queen of England, Cixi – Empress Dowager of Qing Dynasty, Princesses of Wales, to First Ladies of America, no one could deny that these female figures are noted as smart, wise or intellectual ladies. Each of them has been educated by great gurus or in top institutes in the world.

Intelligence is not limited to only females in the royal family, but also daughters from well-to-do families. Seeing a future ahead where a good education leads to succeed, (super)rich parents spent millions on their children’s boarding schools, private tutorials or summer camps in foreign countries with expensive enrichment activities, like music, riding and dance lessons. These days, to add extra sophisticated courses, digital intelligence cannot be ignored as the girls are expected to be great employers, CEOs, leaders or consultants in Womenomic Movement through cutting-edge technology and innovation.

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